What Families Say About Us

What our Families say about the Family and Friends Information Programme

“Now, we have actually had a united front, and that is the most crucial thing for a family; is that both people have got to be singing off the same hymn sheet.”

“It has been such a positive experience and it has not only been a positive at home it has actually been more positive at work.”

“Life is the best it has been in seven years.”

“I was beside myself and people were saying you need to get educated, you don’t know what you are talking about so that’s why I thought any help, I was desperate for any sort of help to get direction and understanding.”

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, they didn’t learn the habits of a user overnight and they’re not going to unlearn it overnight”

“I learned skills, learning to let go, learning to step back, how to interact to avoid confrontation”

“It has made an insane world into a sane world, bearable world, I know direction, I have got the tools to deal with life”

“I didn’t know how to approach it in a different way, I was doing it in the best way I could and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting anywhere and that lead to a lot of problems within the family. The information program helped me to try something new and to understand the impact of my own actions.”

“If you are in a more positive place altogether then it affects all aspects of your life.”

“You still need that direction; you need somebody from outside your family network to give you that direction,”

“You hear the stories of others stories; you start to understand that you are not the only person that is suffering”

“It was certainly the answer to my prayers”

“Learning to accept what you cannot change means that you haven’t got the stress, you sleep better at night.”

“I’ve learnt to ……..do a bit more, go out a bit more, to think about myself a bit more, I’m not that kind of person normally, I don’t think about myself , I think about everybody else. I’ve learnt to try to a enjoy life a bit better.”

“We had that testimony from an ex-user which gave you hope!”